Lossless Screen Recording

High Quality Capturing

Claquette is a tool that allows you to record your Mac's screen in lossless quality.
Additionally, you can capture live video and audio from attached cameras and microphones.

After finishing a recording, you can directly export a movie, upload it to the web or send it to Final Cut Pro X.

Record your screen combined with audio and video from attached devices


Part of your Professional Workflow

Claquette is designed for seamless integration with Apple's professional video editing tools. You can directly send a recording to Final Cut Pro X or Motion 5.

When exporting to Final Cut or Motion, Claquette will create separate layers for screen content, front window, camera video and the mouse cursor.

Final Cut Pro and Motion Workflow


Leverage the Power of Final Cut & Motion

Claquette inserts layers, masks and keyframes into each project. This opens endless possibilities when editing in Final Cut or Motion.

Highlight points of interest by defocusing the background or attach a spotlight to the mouse cursor — Freely experiment using your familiar production tools.

Export to Final Cut Pro and Motion


Color managed via ColorSync

Color-Managed Recording

Claquette tags recordings with the color profile of the current screen. This profile is used to perform color matching during export.

GCD logo

Multi-Core Compression

To keep your system responsive during recording, compression workload is distributed across all available CPU cores.

ProRes logo

ProRes Export

When exporting to Motion, Claquette uses ProRes4444 to ensure high quality, fast editing and vibrant colors.

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Claquette runs as 64-bit process and utilizes the built-in 64-Bit capabilities of today's Macs.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Mac computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better.
  • 2GB of RAM (4GB of RAM recommended).
  • 10GB of free disk space (for recording storage).
  • OS X 10.8 or OS X 10.9 or later.

To learn about recent changes and additions, please have a look at the release notes.

Codec Information

  • H.264 is used for the following export presets:
    • 480p (SD)
    • 720p (HD)
    • 1080p (HD)
    • iPod
    • AppleTV
  • ProRes4444 is used for:
    • Final Cut Pro X project exports
    • Motion 5 project exports
  • ProRes422 is used for composited HQ exports.